Private Mediation

  • Tired of going to court?
  • Tired of paying lawyer fees and still not getting the family problems resolved?
  • Tired of the manipulations and games surrounding your rights to time with your children?
  • Tired of the child support drama?
  • Ready to stop the madness and learn skill to resolve your family conflicts?
  • Take control of your destiny! Stop fighting with your co-parent.

Learn the skills you need to effectively negotiate and compromise so your children can benefit with parents who show consideration, empathy, love, cooperation and teamwork to raise their children in a healthier less stressful environment. Become a parent who truly puts the needs of the children first!

Call today to get an appointment to come to the bargaining table. Get serious about what’s best for your children and be assisted to compromise and come to mutually acceptable shared visitation plan and monthly child support payment amount. Be assisted to call a truce on the character assassinations, anger, resentment and lashing out towards your co-parent. Yes we can help you do all this in a just few private mediation sessions.

Remember! It’s the Teamwork that makes the Dream work!!!