Co-Parenting Classes

Co-parents typically are in a situation where the parents are not in a marriage, cohabitation or romantic relationship with one another. The purpose of maintaining this long-term, formal or informal, agreement or plan to help provide the necessary support and resources to meet the needs of minor children they share.

If you are a parent sharing custody of a child and or have been ordered by the family court to build your co-parenting skills, our online co-parenting training classes will assist you to gain co-parenting skills to better understand the complex issues that arise out of divorce, separation and custody disputes as well as parenting with blended families and multiple care-givers. You may also call our office to set up face to face training with an educator or therapist. Either method will help you better understand how to navigate through tough situations while making the best parenting decisions for their children. Both methods are also court approved and provide a certificate of completion that you may present to the court for compliance.