Family Management & Planning

A Family consist of persons who perceive that they are connected to exist as a group to live, love and laugh together. Each family member has a role or rank in the family structure in most cases. However, based on the variety of factors, events, tasks, chores, needs and duties that must be carried out, the members of a family may need to be open to role reversals, switch jobs, tasks, chores or expectations due to changing circumstances, health issues, childbirth, injury, aging, changing economics or unforeseen occurrences and changes within the family unit.

The saying all for one and one for all come to mind in that, the members of a family need a team spirit and must be flexible to be able to successfully cope with the success, joys, problems and disappointment and daily life brings.

A successful family unit needs to do a regular self-assessments to establish the current needs of the family group as a whole. To successfully manage a family each individual family member must be willing to participate and cooperate to perform task that address the needs of the family. Examples: Provide mental, emotional and esthetic needs for family members. Perform cooking, cleaning, laundry services, social coaching services, disciplinary action, bread winner or provider, homemaker, childcare provider and so on. The goal is for each family member’s needs are met as much as possible. Usually the family head & assistants determines what direction the family as a unit will go by setting goals and objectives for each family member. Family heads and assistants usually provide social, spiritual and moral guidance. Also a family head who is balanced and progressive also encourages each family member to pursue personal goals and development so each single family member at some point becomes mature and self-sufficient enough to break off to start a new family unit of their own. Many skills must be learned and applied for an individual to be ready to move forward in this way. Communication skills, unselfish-love, compassion, empathy, tolerance and patience just a few of the characteristics that must be employed to successfully manage a family. Each family member treating the other with love, dignity and respect. These are all key factors to successfully managing a family unit.

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T-ogether, E-veryone, A-ccomplishes, M-ore!

Each family will be different and diverse so the above suggestions are a guideline and you may need to consult with researchers and or licensed professionals to address your individual family needs.

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