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Secrets to Love

This is a compelling documentary about relationships, marriage and – of course – love. For just over an hour, we hitch a ride with a recent divorcee on her journey to find answers to the questions many of us ask: How do couples get to “happily ever after?”  Why is love so complicated?  What, if anything, can couples do to ensure their marriage lasts a lifetime?

“I felt like I was watching myself up there. Now I know I can fix my relationship.” – Jessica, 24

Mastery the Mysteries of Love

Talk about it, watch others do it & practice it yourselves. Communication is an integral part of marriage, learn how to do it right. Once you and your partner feel confident communicating you’ll start clearing away some of the roadblocks that have been standing in the way of your happy marriage.

Couples Retreat (2 day event)

Teen Connections

Pick-A-Partner: How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk or Jerkette

You’ll learn what it takes to form a loving lasting relationship and how and how to recognize it in others. At the end of the day you will be able to predict what a partner will be like in marriage, keep balance. In a growing relationship and master the five dynamics that create attachment in relationships. This funfilled class helps you overcome biology, nerves and awkward situations to develop a dating approach to find the right person for you.




Reclaim the spark in your marriage through ten intentional, memory making dates. Short meetings and videos at the beginning of each date suggest a new relationship-centered topic to focus on throughout the evening. This proven approach to relationship growth will help you communicate better, resolve conflicts, rekindle sexual intimacy and balance your busy life.