About Us

The BIG Picture: To Provide Support and Education

We have a strong commitment to reach and serve each client until they can independently stand alone in society with all the tools to live a healthy, productive lifestyle free of addiction and dependency on the welfare system. Our focus will be on teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug prevention for youth referred by social workers and probation and offer mentoring/counseling on how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle and break the cycle of negative/risky behaviors and poverty.

Young dads also need extra help to overcome economic and social disadvantages, negative portrayals in the media and neglect by services typically offered to young mothers. Young fathers are just as important for their children and they should be educated on how to develop close relationships with their children. We want to encourage our young fathers so they don’t become a statistic. Statistics show that young fathers are more likely to become unemployed, have lower educational qualifications and lean toward crime and substance misuse.

Giving Back to the Community

Youth Wellness & Family Education Center was developed and established in 2008 to help our community provide preventive as well as proactive training to help bring our teen pregnancy, divorce, child abuse or neglect as well as our domestic violence rate down in under served communities. We want to provide after school programs, housing, vocational education and job placement assistance along with a controlled life skills training which enables us to chart our progress and their development as a result of the training and intervention programs.

Focused Solutions Can Produce Success

For many teens, the “dream car” is not an option because they become parents earlier than they had planned. Having a baby is a big deal. It impacts the rest of their life, sometimes in ways they might not have thought.

Break the Cycle

Mothers who have their first child as a teenager are more likely than older mothers to go on welfare, and they spend more years on welfare over their lifetime.

Parenting Classes

Classes designed specifically to meet the needs of teen parents in positive discipline, child development, co-parenting, nutrition, and stress management.

Ongoing Support

Through case management, explore issues such as parenting, barriers to work, housing, education, and other barriers to self-sufficiency. It also offers the chance to build a relationship with someone who can help set and meet goals and link teens to needed community resources.

Family Support

Our goal is to also help parents examine their own attitudes and behavior as role models for their children.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Provide education to address health related issues especially the epidemic of alcohol and other drugs. The education provides an opportunity to share concerns and problems regarding social issues
that affect families as a result of teen pregnancy.

Job Placement Assistance

Our goal is to encourage and mentor teen parents while they are pursuing their G.E.D., and vocational training for successful employment to increase their earnings and eventually get off welfare.

Life Skills Training

Our purpose is to enhance teens and families by increasing their capacity to be self-sufficient. Workshops will be provided for the following:

  • Developing Self-Esteem
  • Enhancing Communication Skills
  • Problem Solutions
  • Breast Feeding
  • Children of divorce
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Transitional Housing

Referral of Services

Show teens how to navigate through various resources to obtain the services they need.